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Parents FAQ  
What is Abacus?
Latin- Sand tray,
Greek-Abax /Abakon(table/tablet)
Chinese- Suan pan, Japanese- Soroban
Origin 11th century in China
Then its use spread in Korea
15th century to Japan
Japanese modified for the sake of convenience

What are the applications of Abacus in day today life/future?
In day today life / future where ever Arithmetic is concern, we can use Abacus techniques
What is the best age to start Abacus?
Various research and studies has proved that the best age to start Abacus is 5-12 years
How Abacus technique works?
Initially student has to work manually with Abacus and then it is transferred to visualization (At this stage one doesn’t requires Abacus instrument )
What are the benefits of learning Abacus?
  • Concentration 
  • Reasoning Ability
  • Speed
  • Accuracy
  • Judgment
  • Visualization
  • Memory
  • Patience
  • Observation
  • Creativity
  • Self Confidence
  • Analyzing skills
What is SAP?
  • Each level is of 3 months (12 classes)
  • Classes will be weekly or daily also for the sake of convcnience
  • Duration of each class will be of 2 hrs.
  • Advanced and user friendly syllabus
  • Play way teaching method
  • Teaching technique-from known to unknown, easy to hard
  • Syllabus developed by Educational Expert
  • Emphasized on content quality as well as on material quantity.
  • Low fees structure
  • More emphasis on daily practice
  • We are allowing maximum 15 students per batch
  • We are giving 3 books per level i.e. total 24 + books for the whole Programme.
  • Abacus is a technique, only practice can make ‘the master’, that is the reason we are giving 2 seperate books for home practice per level. for the sake of parents convenience and daily practice.
  • We are doing parents orientation for 15 min. after every class so that they can guide and monitor their      child when he/she is doing homework
  • Our books are with more contents and less decoration.

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